Yes, You are Oppressed

Productivity per worker is 40 times what it was at the founding of our nation, thanks to a free market and the advance of technology.   The real income of ordinary workers, after subtracting the burden imposed by our government, is only 10 times more by my estimate.  We are oppressed, but it has been hidden from us by the tremendous increase in wealth.  But now, the voracious appetite of our oppressors is overtaking even this growth rate, so that we are sliding backwards.

The problem is an increasing transfer of money from the politically weak masses to the wealthy few and to the schemes of their ideological gurus.  Politicians can’t help but obey these rich people, because that is how they win elections. They must get campaign funds and favorable news “reporting” from the owners of large corporations.

Rich business owners want to import cheap labor from outside the country, so they pay politicians to make it happen. Big mass media companies are supported by advertising from these businesses, so we are firmly instructed by the media to believe that a massive influx of cheap labor does not depress wages for citizens.

Businesses demand that government buy from them all manor of unneeded and obscenely over-priced military hardware, solar power boondoggles and other outrageously overpriced public works projects.

Heirs and heiresses demand that government impose on us the Utopian schemes of their ideological gurus . These lunatic schemes not only cost many billions, they ruin people’s lives and damage the national economy.

Ordinary people pay for almost all of this, but most of our payment is hidden, so we don’t get angry.

Taxes on employers are a good example. Politicians say that employers are paying half of an employee’s Social Security contributions.  But it is you, the employee, who are paying for these taxes. Employers hire you when the total cost of employing you is less than the money your labors can earn for the employer. Your worth to the employer is thus decreased by the employer’s SS contribution. So, he simply offers you a lower salary, because he has to make a profit. Since all employers are in the same boat, you are screwed.

The same grim logic applies to all the other payroll taxes levied on the employers. The employer’s contribution to Obamacare? You pay it all. The employer’s cost of unemployment insurance, mandatory safety inspections, maternity leave, parental leave, carpooling programs, racial quota hiring, sensitivity brainwashing by high-paid consultants, and a blizzard of regulations you never heard of? Anything that increases the cost of employing you? You pay for it all, Buckwheat.

You also pay for the entire cost of producing and selling the products and services you buy.  Any government tax or mandatory expense that increases these costs to the businesses who supply you must be passed on to you in the form of higher prices. The businessmen will not pay these government-imposed costs because they must make a profit or go out of business.

Another insidious hidden tax is deficit spending by the government. It increases the money supply and our national debt. Guess who pays that. Inflation is part of the cost. If you have money in the bank, you are being robbed every year. The struggle to build up a nest egg requires risky investments.

Powerful people have tried to control and take wealth from the little people ever since humans have existed. That will never end.  Fortunately, history teaches us how our forefathers defeated their oppressors.  We can do it again, and we can teach future generations how to do it.


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